We all think our pet is the absolute best, but do you own an animal that REALLY stands out? The Advocate is searching for our neighborhood’s most fascinating pets, including, but not limited to, those that:

Do stupid tricks (a skateboarding bulldog, perhaps)

Have held a job (think retired bomb- or drug-sniffing canine)

Have performed some heroic act (pulled a small child from a burning building, maybe)

Are a highly unusual species (an indoor pig, or an African Pygmy Hedgehog, for example)

If your furry (or feathery/slimy/scaly) BFF stands out for one of the aforementioned reasons, or for some other that hasn’t yet occurred to us, please email editor@advocatemag.com — please include contact information with your zip code.

In order to qualify, your animal must be alive and photographable. And, no, just wearing a funny hat doesn’t necessarily make your pooch one of the neighborhood’s most fascinating — we just loved this photo.

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