It’s Tuesday afternoon and Taylor Yoss is helping a group of preschoolers pack their bags for a bear hunt. This is just one of the many imaginary trips she’ll take this week while teaching kids yoga during a Yogees class, a business she launched about a year ago. “It’s like interactive storytelling with yoga incorporated. So on our bear hunt, for example, we’ll get in a downward dog position while we’re pretending to crawl through a cave.” Yoss studied children’s yoga in Santa Monica, Calif., earning a certification tailored to the kid niche. And she’s now expanding her business, trailblazing into a new niche: Yoga for young teen girls. Yoss says she realized the need while raising her own daughters, who are 7 and 10. “That transition from childhood to being a teen is hard, especially for girls. That’s the age they start to develop body issues and identity issues. I want to develop all-girls yoga classes for this age group where we can talk about their bodies, why they’re important to take care of, and how to deal with emotions in a healthy way. In yoga there are no recitals, no parents at the sideline — it can just be a safe place.” Yoss hopes to launch her program designed for adolescent girls within a few months.


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