With nothing but a yellow “DONUTS” sign out front, this cute little breakfast joint could easily be overlooked. But vigilant doughnut shop seekers like myself know a good place when they see one.

Across the street from Medical City, Forest Donuts sits right next door to Starbucks–a nice alternative if you want to change up your morning pit stop. With easy access to Central, it shouldn’t be too far out of the way for commuters.

It has a clean, cafe-inspired look, making it a nice place to sit and stay a while plus, there’s wifi (although, it’s not free.) They’ve got all the tasty doughnut staples: glazed, chocolate, sprinkles and “the pink ones” as one little customer put it. I ordered the croissant sandwich and they slipped a complimentary doughnut hole into the bag. Sweet! And yes, the coffee also passes the test for you caffeine addicts out there. But it’s not any cheaper than Starbucks, which I thought was odd.

The service is fast and friendly, no surprise really for a doughnut shop. But come early because they start running out of all the good stuff around 9 a.m. They open at 5 a.m. every day and, for whatever reason, stay open until 5 p.m.

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