The multimillion dollar Love Field concessions contract deal seems to become a little more confusing every day. Now, Mayor Tom Leppert — who appears to be leading opposition to the deal — is sending out mass emails to people like me (I’m not sure exactly what that means) telling me the deal is a bad one, provides me with the contact info for everyone else on the council and suggests I contact the council people to twist their arms.

Yes, giving a no-bid contract to a couple of companies partially controlled by a couple of politicians is a horrible idea, just on the face of it. But one council member sending out emails suggesting that citizens lobby the other council members is a little odd, particularly for Leppert, who doesn’t usually lose council votes anyway. And by all rights, he shouldn’t lose this one, either. So why the need to risk alienating some of his fellow council members who have staked out their “yes” votes pretty clearly, particularly with some pretty challenging budget votes coming up Downtown in the next couple of months?

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