Torchy’s Damn Good Tacos has become a landmark of Austin yet shamefully, I never made it over there while living just outside the city for almost a year. But the very first Dallas location opened at Preston and Forest on Tuesday, so I had no more excuses not to try it. But keep your eyes peeled-for such a popular place, Torchy’s is hidden from the road behind Potbelly’s and has heavily tinted windows so you can’t really tell if it’s open.

Known for its eclectic taco creations, Torchy’s has items with arbitrary names like “The Democrat,” “The Republican” and “The Trailer Park.” I tried “The Dirty Sanchez” mainly because it seemed like the most adventurous choice. It has scrambled eggs, guacamole, fried poblano chili, escabeche carrots and shredded cheese.

I took one bite and was perplexed. So I took another, and I was intrigued. By the third or fourth bite, adjectives to describe this taco were swirling around in my head along with questions like “How did these carrots get in here?”

Torchy’s has a lot of diehard fans and believe me, this is not a negative review.  I’ll definitely be back to try another taco just to see if it can out-weird the last one.

But if you’ve never embarked on Torchy’s, beware. This is not an ordinary taco.

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