Sadly, my thoughts are now formulated in “Facebook jargon”.  Evolving with the times.  For example, I just thought, “Candace Tharp needs a great cupcake right about now. Lol.” -10:26am

So I went off on a day full of cupcake tastings.  I have to admit that I felt like I was going to vomit after the 10th cupcake, so I waited a few days to write this, so that I could be more objective.  😉

The Perfect Slice

I decided to try something new and headed out for The Perfect Slice.  Don’t jump in your cars yet because they don’t have a storefront.  The owner sets up in various cafes and shops around Dallas because most of her business comes from catering events.  But anything deemed “The Perfect Slice”, is a must taste for me.  After trying six of their cupcakes, I can say that their frontrunner is Vanilla Bean.  It really is very subtle…simple done well.  None of the other flavors hit a great note with me.

You can join The Perfect Slice’s mailing list or “like” their Facebook page to find out when and where their single sales will be.


Sprinkles used to be my “go to” cupcake venue for three years until I got on my sno-cone kick (I go through phases).   I hit them up again, and they are just as good as I remembered.  Their lemon cupcake is a-mazing.  Perfectly moist and delicious.  I honestly thought this place would have to dial back by now because customers would tire of the long lines as I did.  I was wrong.

4020 Villanova Drive

214. 369-0004

The Cupcakery

Open less than a year in Uptown, and they are already making a name for themselves.  Thank you Vegas for sharing them with us.  The Cupcakery’s Red Velvet cupcake takes the…well…the cake.  Perfect cake, and the frosting is a spot on cream cheese.  They also have a new cupcake called Strawberry Lemonade, which definitely caught my eye.  It was incredible too!  What is it with this place?  All I know is that they win BEST CUPCAKE IN DALLAS in my book.

2222 McKinney Avenue 214. 855.0003

I visited many other cupcake shops and ate my share of sugar to write this article.  Even if your favorite didn’t make this list…don’t worry I ate at it too.

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