Complete with flowers and doilies, Chocolate Angel Too at Preston and Forest offers a quiet and nostalgic gathering place, mostly for multigenerational women — grandmas, mothers, daughters. Although I’m not always in the mood for the delicately prepared sandwiches and scones, it’s a nice retreat every once in a while and reminds me of the small-town tea rooms we used to stop in at during mother-daughter road trips.

I ordered the smoked turkey sandwich on orange-cranberry bread, which came with a romaine salad and pasta salad (I guess you can’t overdo it with the salad). The service was fast, the atmosphere was calm and quiet — just what I need sometimes on a Friday morning to power through that last part of the 9-to-5 work week.

But I couldn’t help but envy the ladies nearby, enjoying themselves over tea with laid-back conversation. The Chocolate Angel experience just isn’t quite the same without the gab with Mom and Grandma.

By the way: The website doesn’t list the Preston/Forest location, but it’s right near The Mercury.

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