If you’ve picked up the latest issue of Advocate, then you’ve read about the interesting Hillcrest Forest couple, David and Josephie Jackson who care for thousands of bees right in their backyard. Our photographer Robert Bunch and I had the privilege of meeting these bees as they swarmed around us and flew in and out of their man made hive. It’s a pretty interesting hobby and not nearly as scary as people think. And it’s catching on in Dallas.

The DMN reported today on a Lakewood couple, Brandon and Susan Pollard, who we wrote about a couple of years ago. They care for honeybees and founded the Texas Honeybee Guild, a great organization that helps others start the hobby and care for bees of their own. They host community outreach programs for schools and garden clubs in the area. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in learning more about beekeeping.

It is nice to have some fresh honeycombs around the house – we got to try a few pieces at the Jackson’s, and it was quite tasty. And pros like them don’t even wear protective gear when handling the bees. It’s almost like the bees and the Jacksons have this natural understanding of each other. It’s really quite beautiful to watch.

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