Just a few more hours until Labor Day weekend commences, so by all means, crack open a cold one when the work day ends, but if you’re tipsy, stay off the road.

For starters, you can avoid murdering innocent people or yourself. In addition, you can avoid going to jail and the life-changing consequences that go along with DWI convictions these days.

Beginning today at 6 p.m, the Dallas Police will initiate the no-refusal practice throughout the weekend. That means if you are arrested for DWI and refuse to voluntarily provide a breath or blood sample, the arresting officer will secure a search warrant and direct health care professionals to obtain a blood sample and have it forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for filing.

Drink, drive, go to jail, buddy. If you get caught, there’s no getting out of it. And while no time’s a good time to sit in Lew’s Sterrett jailhouse, Texas-OU weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekends and the like (So I’ve heard) are particularly overcrowded and uncomfortable … and that’s just the beginning of your troubles.

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