Tonight marks the Rangers’ first ever appearance in a World Series, and most of you must be very confused. Baseball in Texas, after all, is something to fill in the time between spring practice and training camp. Or, as one Advocate employee said to me, “How can can you watch that stuff?”

After the jump, a few pointers to help you understand tonight’s game, plus a few thoughts from noted baseball expert Susan Sarandon:1. Jerry Jones does not own the Rangers. This means he should not be in the locker room after the game addressing the media. Though, given the way things work around here, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerry there.

2. There are no extra points in baseball. Or going for it on fourth down.

3. The coach is called the manager and wears a uniform. He doesn’t wear a headset, and there is no one in the booth for him to talk to. Yet, somehow, the game has survived.

4. The Rangers’ best pitcher is Cliff Lee. Think of him as a left-handed version of Roger Staubach.

5. The players spit a lot.

Finally, if you’re still confused, we have Sarandon talking about baseball and “Bull Durham,” perhaps the greatest sports movie ever made.

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