Do our trails need speed limits? That was a question posed last week on NBC 5’s newscast. A White Rock area resident about whom we’ve written on the East Dallas and Lake Highlands blogs a time or two, Ted Barker, has been talking about this for years. One of Barker’s major causes is implementing speed limits for cyclists on trails such as White Rock and Katy Trail. It doesn’t seem that Dallas officials were big on his idea of 10 mph speed limits. “It just isn’t logical,” the former deputy chief of the Northeast Division told me when I chatted with him about it. But following a death on the Katy Trail, and a couple publicized accidents at White Rock Trail, the city’s collective attitude could conceivably change. City Councilman Angela Hunt, in this story, expresses concern and speaks of the arguably illogical 10-mph limit on Dallas trails. And when Angela speaks, people tend to listen. Me? I truly wish we could police ourselves on the trails, but perhaps that’s too much to ask.

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