The car remained — minus the wheels and rims.

Steve Pillman and his wife have been doing some kitchen renovation. New countertops seemed like a nice addition, and maybe some new paint on the walls. It might be costly, but the project would add a fresh look to their home.

Unfortunately, the Pillmans’ work would offer a burglar an opportunity to victimize the family, and add a bit of frustration to their renovation plans.

Because of the remodeling, Pillman says, “we had some stuff in the garage, so we couldn’t pull the cars in the garage.”

As his family slept, someone shattered a window in his SUV, and then proceeded to steal the tires and rims. Pittman awoke the next morning to find the car up on jacks in his rear driveway. The tires and rims were missing.

“It made me feel like I wish I had woken up,” Pillman says. “We usually don’t get that type of crime over here.”

Pillman says his car has been broken into before at his home, but that was five years ago, and he was quite surprised that it happened this time. Replacing the wheels and rims cost $6,400, and while he had insurance, it will still cost him some money — as well as time and effort.

Dallas Police Sgt. Gordon Hager of the North Central Patrol Division says this kind of crime is fairly common, with criminals seeking out high-end SUVs and cars.

“It’s a crime that does occur pretty often,” he says. “We see it occasionally, and it kind of comes and goes. They will tend to come in and sweep the area, and then be gone for a while.”

Hager says these types of criminals are very fast at removing the tires and rims from a vehicle, and usually leave the car up on jacks or stacked pieces of wood.

“It doesn’t take them very long; they’re very quick,” he says. “If you have a garage, park the car in it if at all possible.”

The Victim: Steve Pittman
The Crime: Burglary of a motor vehicle
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 19
Time: 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.
Location: 6900 block of Wildglen


Date when an unknown suspect approached a woman as she was sitting in her vehicle in the shopping center at the Southeast corner of Marsh and Forest. He held a pistol to her head, stating, “Give me the deposit.”


Value of the items the suspect took from the woman, including cash, checks and a Coach purse and wallet


Number of witnesses to the crime who saw the suspect flee on foot

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