The day we’ve been breathlessly waiting for has finally arrived. Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper will charge $16.95 a month for some of its content, beginning Feb. 15. Which content, you ask? Well, I’m not sure, since I don’t know the paper means when it says paid content “will include proprietary news and information produced by The News.”

Does that means the News’ hard-hitting columnists, Steve Blow and Jacquielynn Floyd, are disappearing behind the pay wall?

Never fear, though. “Headlines, breaking news, most blogs, obituaries, classifieds and nonproprietary content such as syndicated wire stories will remain free.” So we’ll still be able to follow the paper’s award-winning Trinity River coverage — though, if proprietary means what I think it means, we won’t be able to read The News’ just-as-award-winning Trinity River editorials. No doubt our loss.

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