Mayor Park Cities says “I have concluded that it is time to explore other ways I can serve the people of Dallas and Texas. Consequently, I will not seek re-election.”

The rest of his blog post is the usual sort of political tomfoolery — taking credit for Dallas’ vibrant downtown, the improved performance of the DISD, and a bunch of other things that aren’t necessarily true but sound good. The commercial office vacancy rate downtown is around 20 percent; if that’s vibrant, I’d hate to see what less than vibrant looks like.

Right now, the mayoral race looks like a chair-throwing, eye-gouging cage match between Far North Dallas councilman Ron Natinsky, who has officially declared, and M Streets councilwoman Angela Hunt, who has given signs she will run. Why a cage match? Because those two really don’t like each other, if their exchanges during council meetings are any indication.

Leppert still won’t say if he is going to run for the U.S. Senate. No doubt he is waiting for the front-runner, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, to drop out and give Leppert his blessing.

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