With its warm, rustic atmosphere and soft lighting, Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen feels like home. “I think that the kitchen should be part of the experience,” says Kent Rathbun, owner and executive chef. “We specialize in country-style foods, but we also have choices for people who want to stay healthy.” The restaurant serves down-home favorites with a gourmet twist — from the heart-healthy shrimp, crab and lobster coleslaw to the more indulgent fried green tomatoes. The latter come sprinkled with chunks of goat cheese and a sauce prepared with Round Rock Honey, ancho chiles and fresh thyme. Rathbun has been cooking since age 5 with no formal training—he simply learned by doing, picking up a few tricks along the way. For dishes like the coleslaw, he replaces mayonnaise with a vinaigrette combination for a lighter, more sophisticated taste. The kitchen is complete with a rotisserie, smoker and wood-burning oven. The diverse menu includes everything from mac ‘n’ cheese and tacos to seafood and ribs. “We try to stay very accurate to the dish, whether it is country style or Mediterranean,” Rathbun says. Be sure to stop by the “pantry” where the restaurant sells homemade jams, dressings and sauces.

Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen
Preston & Luther

Three more spots for feel-good food …

1 Neighborhood Services
This upscale restaurant hits the spot with nightly specials, including meatloaf, chicken potpie and veal piccata — bring an empty stomach but a full wallet.
Lovers & Inwood, 214.350.5027
Preston & Royal, 214.368.1101

2 Celebration Restaurant
Chefs make everything from scratch
here — pot roast, chicken and
dumplings, peach cobbler, and more —
so you get that home-cooked taste
without all the work.
Lovers & Elsby, 214-351-5681

3 Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen
For some foodies, comfort is a bowl of matzo ball soup or a plate of cheese
blintzes. And this Jewish-style deli has arguably the best bagels in town.
Royal & Central, 214.739.0918
Forest & Marsh , 214.739.0918