The Victim: Steven Allen
The Crime: Car burglary

Date: Thursday, Dec. 16

Time: Between 11 a.m. and noon
Location: 6100 block of Averill Way

A few minutes inside, and the briefcase was gone.

Steven Allen has been working in Preston Hollow for years, and one weekday visited a client’s home in the Averill neighborhood.

“I sell real estate and do remodel and design work,” Allen says. “I was doing a full remodel, and I’d gone to the home to meet with painters and an electrician that morning.”

At one point, Allen had to move his car because of limited parking in front. As he entered the house, he believed he had locked his car with his keychain remote.

“I went outside and parked in the alley, and went back inside for a few minutes,” he says. “I wasn’t sure if I locked it or not.”

Allen left his client’s house and drove home to Carrollton, not recognizing that he was a victim of crime.

“I didn’t realize until I got home and reached to grab my briefcase on the passenger side floorboard, and it wasn’t there,” Allen says.

Also missing were his phone chargers, ski clothing, a pocket camera and his laptop computer. His client’s garage opener, which he had been using to access the home, was also stolen, and he had to contact the client to change the garage opener code.

“The stuff in the car wasn’t worth much, but all my photos and templates were on my laptop. Unfortunately, my backup was in my briefcase,” he says. “It was sort of frustrating because there was a lot on there that I will have to completely re-create.”

Dallas Police Lt. Barry Payne of the North Central Patrol Division says criminals work quickly to enter a car, and leaving items of value inside make vehicles an easy target.

“It only takes a few seconds for someone to get into an unlocked car,” he says. “Never leave your car with anything visible inside, either unlocked or locked. If you have an alarm on your car, be sure it is set and works properly.”

Crime Numbers


Number of appliances stolen from Lowe’s Home Improvement on Inwood Road Jan. 8, including 12 washing machines, three dryers and two microwaves


Block of Alta Vista where a resident walked in on a burglar standing in her living room; he covered his face with a black jacket and fled the scene with $6,500 worth of jewelry


Amount of money it cost a driver who had his rear seat stolen from his GMC Yukon, which was parked in his front driveway in the 4900 block of Ridgeside

SOURCE: Dallas Police Department

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