We continue our coverage of the Dallas mayoral race with Part 3 of our video podcast series with District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky . Through this series, we aim to go further than the 30-second soundbite and offer readers a way to get more familiar with each candidate in an unedited discussion, revealing how they might govern if elected.

In Part 1 of the discussion, Natinsky addressed the city’s budget crisis. In Part2, he talked about how he would attract more business to Dallas and help grow our economy.

In the final podcast, Natinsky answers our questions about the other major candidates in the race. He explains that while former Chief of Police David Kunkle accomplished great things for public safety, none of it would have happened without city council support (0:34). Natinsky also tells us why he thinks Kunkle’s plan to take apart and reexamine the budget would be “disastrous” (1:33). Natinsky goes on to discuss the future of the southern sector (5:00) and tries to shed light on what makes him different from former Park Board president Mike Rawlings, since they both seem to want the same things (7:00). We continue the discussion by talking about some of the lightening rods on city council and if it really matters whether they all get along (10:00). Finally, Natinsky comments on Dwaine Caraway and whether he’s qualified to be Mayor Pro Tem (11:48). At the time this podcast was recorded, Tom Leppert had not yet announced his resignation.

Check back Monday for the next installment in which you’ll hear from David Kunkle and, in the coming weeks, former Park Board president Mike Rawlings.