4030 Cedarbrush BEFORE

Before// When Greg and Tammy Weiss moved into their Northaven Park home, they made a few adjustments here and there. But soon, the time came for a major remodel. “It was very dated,” Tammy says. “The house was very ’70s looking. We were talking about how we could make it more livable.”

4030 Cedarbrush AFTER. PHOTO BY Benjamin Hager

After// The biggest change came when the Weisses opened up the space between the kitchen and the living room, providing a perfect area for family time and entertaining guests. They took out the dividing wall, leaving a brick beam along the ceiling. “Now, it’s like our big living area,” Tammy says. “We stay in there all the time. Before, we would all be in our separate rooms.” The remodel allows them to see straight to the backyard from the kitchen. The Weisses turned their breakfast nook into a pantry, and now they eat all their meals at the dining table or at the bar. “It’s much more modern.” Tammy says they searched the shaky housing market last year for a new home but just couldn’t find anything comparable to their current location. That’s when they decided to remodel. “Then, it kind of grew.” They expanded the master bathroom to include a bathtub and a fireplace, which doubles as an outdoor fireplace on the exterior wall backing up to the back patio. Tammy says it’s a huge difference from their previous, coat-closet-sized bathroom. “It rocks.”

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