Here’s an interesting little tidbit offered for free (as of now) by the Dallas News: It’s an interactive map that shows where Dallas police are physically answering calls in Dallas, supposedly as of the time you take a look at the map.

I came across the map by accident and noticed a few dots, so I clicked on one. Immediately, I saw the address of the “incident”, a very brief description about what’s going on there, and even typical Google mapping links giving me options for a satellite view and mapping to the destination.

This might actually be better off as one of our Friday “Productivity Killer” posts, come to think of it. I suspect the police probably don’t need or want me hanging around crime scenes. And not every crime-in-progress is going to be posted, either, since there are privacy issues associated with some calls — in fact, I bet that Mayor Dwaine Caraway’s much-celebrated domestic deal probably wouldn’t have made the map.

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