Photo by Mark Davis.

Our June issue highlights some of the best eats in our neighborhood, but don’t overlook this month’s Delicious page, which highlights spots for great cocktails.

Case in point: Mattito’s. The restaurant’s top seller is the tall frozen blue margarita, the Rumba Rita. It’s goes perfectly with a bowl of Bob Armstrong dip and tortilla chips. (And, by the way, Mattito’s on Forest Lane does have Bob Armstrong dip even though it’s not on the menu, so be sure to ask for it if you’re a fan.)

A couple more of my picks include Gloria’s, which has a super stout house margarita for $7. Most cocktails of that quality, like those at Maximo, will run you $10-$13. For a drink that won’t put too much of a dent in your bill, Gloria’s is a sure-fire choice.

On a whim this past weekend, I tried a tall, swirly cocktail on special for $5 at Taco Diner. Not usually my style, but it’s perfect for those who like fruitier cocktails. It’s not on the regular menu, but ask for the frozen orange margarita with Triple Sec.


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