In contrast to the reductions seen over the past few years, residential burglaries are on the rise, having increased by 7 percent from 2010, according to police chief Jesse Reyes of the North Central Division.

“For us, this is unusual,” he says.

And it’s not just in North Dallas but citywide, and the crimes have no apparent connections. However, several arrests have been made, Reyes says.

About two weeks ago, officers arrested three males in their mid-to-early 20s responsible for 23 home burglaries across the southern half of North Central Division from LBJ to Northwest Highway. The suspects led officers to the storage space where they kept about three truck-loads of stolen valuables, some of which were successfully returned to the owners.

The latest arrest, though unrelated, happened Thursday night at a home near Spring Valley and Hillcrest. Valley View HOA president Sid Miller says he has seen an increase in home burglaries in his neck of the woods – seven in the past two months.

Reyes says the summertime lends itself to more home burglaries.

“People go out of town, kids are out of school. People often leave their garage doors open because it gets so hot.”

And typically, burglars spend time scoping out neighborhoods and watching for opportunities. It’s common for burglars to knock on the front door and, when no one answers, move around to the back and break in.

Neighbors can make a difference by looking for suspicious people or vehicles hanging out on their block. Be a nosy neighbor, Reyes says. And, of course, always lock your doors and windows and set home alarm systems.

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