Most of the younger generation has probably never even heard of it. But ask any veteran Dallasite about the Olla Podrida Mall, and they’ll likely perk up, surprised by the mention of it, and say “Oh yeah … that place was so cool!” Then, the sweet nostalgia sets in.

Well, there’s Facebook page for that.

It’s called “I Miss Olla Podrida Mall”, and it’s a treasure trove of old photographs and newspaper clippings along with pages of reminiscent comments about the unique arts and crafts shopping center that used to be off Coit Road just south of LBJ from the 1970s to the 1990s. Now, the site is home to the Yavneh Academy and Akiba Academy.

Fond memories of the eclectic mall abound on the social network, as stories float around about everyone’s favorite little shops. When the mall closed, several of the stores moved to other parts of the city, including the dollhouse boutique Through the Keyhole at Preston and Forest.

I came across this page while working on an upcoming story for the October magazine – a brief retrospective on Olla Podrida and the spooky things that went on there.

Keep an eye out for my article next month. And, in the meantime, connect with some “Olla brats” via the wonderful world of Facebook.

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