There was a time when Advocate Magazine was just Advocate magazine, but over the last few years, we’ve evolved into Advocate Media, comprising blogs, podcasts, videos, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and enewsletters. Some of the aforementioned items concerned us, and in fact, Advocate editors had trouble becoming accustomed to using social media in our daily routine. Below are excerpts from a 2009 podcast featuring our first web director, Kris Scott — the voices belong to her, editors Christina Hughes Babb, Rachel Stone and Marlena Chavira-Medford, and photo editor Can “Turk” Turkyilmaz. We admit: The audio on this thing is truly awful. And we introduced the podcast with a song. It’s supposed to be funny, but we have a weird sense of humor. We had fun with the podcasts in those days, because we were pretty sure that none of you listened.

• Excerpts are below, or click here to listen to the entire show.

Christina Hughes Babb: Today’s topic is Advocate in the age of social media … I guess. I actually just made that up … Kris Scott has been leading the Advocate’s social media effort, so I’ll start by asking her, “Why are you making us do this?”

Kris Scott: I read recently that people are spending half their time on Facebook and, less so, Twitter than on destination websites, such as So those who were once going to our website might be spending that time on Facebook now. I kind of think of Facebook as the Yellow Pages of yesteryear, in that, if you want to learn something about a business, you go almost immediately to Facebook, so we needed to have a presence there for that reason alone.

Can “Turk” Turkyilmaz: And it’s free.

CHB: And pretty easy to use.

KS: We used to be a monthly magazine and people read it and then put it down. This way, we can be in your face all the time.

Marlena Chavira-Medford: And people can now see our faces, on Twitter, rather than just our names and our bylines.

KS: And your pictures are all pretty cute.

CHB: Thank Turk for that … and we get to see our readers’ faces and get to know you.

KS: It is an amazing dialogue. And it helps you guys do your jobs, too, because, say you are covering neighborhood seafood places, you can get on Facebook or Twitter and get feedback from neighbors about their favorite places. … and we are going to be giving out free things so follow us … friend us?

Turk: Friending is on Facebook and following is on Twitter.

Rachel Stone: Yes, and Twitter is a good place to find breaking news, right?

MCM: We learned about Bliss restaurant’s new location on Twitter, and we announced that In–N-Out Burger is coming to Dallas on Facebook.

KS: And you can use it for fun stuff, like those photos we posted of the best-dressed fire hydrant.

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