The North Central neighborhood policing team sent out an alert late last week, warning residents of “aggressive solicitors.” We’ve seen our fair share of unwanted guests who go door-to-door selling magazines and who knows what – often at odd hours. Neighbors know to beware of these strangers and never let them in the house.

However, in a few recent incidents, these solicitors have turned more aggressive. At about 8 p.m. on Friday, officers responded to several calls in the neighborhood near Preston and Churchill Way. One incident happened in the 6700 block of Talmadge Lane. Two black, male solicitors became “verbally abusive” to the female resident. She then called her husband and 21-year-old son who were out walking the dog at the time. They arrived and approached the solicitors, and an argument ensued. One of the solicitors pulled out a pocket knife and assaulted the son. He was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspects from the Friday incident fled and are still at large. Police think they might be part of a larger operation of people selling magazine subscriptions. There have been similar reports in the Valley View neighborhood just on the other side of the loop in Far North Dallas.

Police are actively investigating the crime and advise that everyone avoid confrontation with any suspicious solicitor and call 911. Be sure to get a description of the person and his or her vehicle.

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