I don’t know how the rest of you are spending the afternoon, but I’m continuing to watch the television news coverage in our office, alternating between believing I’m about to meet my Maker and thinking that I’ve got nothing to worry about (at least in the tornado sense).

The TV coverage is amazing to the extent that we can now follow along with a helicopter shooting live and HD video of a tornado tearing up trees, shattering power lines and turning over semi-truck trailers — I almost wanted to pop some popcorn and kick back for the show. But even as I say that, hail is falling on some red truck in Arlington, the sky is becoming darker and darker outside my office window, and it could be a matter of minutes before something bad happens to someone somewhere.

So far, we’re not hearing reports or seeing video about any significant damage in the neighborhood, but if you would like to share your thoughts or send us some pictures/reports about what’s happening around you, please do so.

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