The latest and hottest sports sensation in Texas is Yu Darvish, one of the Texas Rangers’ pitchers. He has been creating so much buzz that recent games have become sold out. With Darvish on the team and the Rangers currently being no. 1 in the American League West, this is a great time to show your love for the game.

If you can’t score tickets, or it’s just too hot outside, there are several great places to watch our favorite MLB team play right here in Preston Hollow. The game isn’t just background noise at these neighborhood establishments. It’s the main attraction.

With the NBA playoffs winding down, Time Out Tavern has been focusing more on showing America’s favorite past time at their bar. TOT, as they refer to themselves, is a great sports bar for watching any of your favorite Dallas teams. They welcome loud outbursts and cheers, especially in support of our Texas Rangers.

Snuffer’s, with its casual seating and bar area, can be a place for the whole family, or just a few fans to catch the game on TVs. Try their famous cheese fries and burgers.

The beloved dive bar, Inwood Tavern, has a clear love of the two most important things for Rangers fan: beer and sports. Walking into this bar, you’ll find people of all ages. Well, above 21 that is. If the weather is nicer, there’s a great patio with a large TV. Next weekend, the Inwood Tavern will be hosting its 48th anniversary bash.

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