Winner of a Dallas Children’s Theater contest Lily Forbes, 10, will get to see actors wearing her costume designs for bees, butterflies and birds in the fall performance of “Pinkalicious the Musical”. Awards were announced Friday, July 27 at the DCT at a small ceremony that included pink cupcakes, pink lemonade and flocks of decorative pink flamingos.

Lily’s design, which she worked on for a few weeks according to her mom, won due to three main aspects: 1) the three designs were each unique yet consistent in style; 2) they had a modernity in that “kids would want to wear these,” as one announcer said; and 3) they allow for movement so actors could dance easily while wearing them.

Lily, who will be a fifth-grader this fall at Hockaday School, will see her designs and be recognized onstage, have a bio in the program and receive four tickets to opening night. In the future, she might continue strutting her stuff as a designer and actor (she has taken classes at the DCT) or might switch out costumes for scrubs and become a doctor.

Awards were also given to runner-up Claire Spigel; specially recognized entrants Andy A. Woodford, Sloan Short, Kerry Gleim and Sam E. Knoll; and recipients of the “Pink-tastic Sprit Award (for capturing the true spirit of Pinkalicious)” Tamar Gabelev and Hailey Lane. The winning design of the Pink-tastic Spirit Award was embedded with Pinkalicious’ personality and items she likes and wears. Profiles of winners should be online soon.

This is the first time the DCT has held the contest. “Pinkalicious the Musical,” which is based on a book, will run Friday, September 21 through Sunday, October 21. —By Lauri Valerio Photos in slideshow by Amber Plumley

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