Leslie Ezelle certainly is a survivor.

The interior designer didn’t let her loss on HGTV’s “Design Star” in 2011 discourage her. Nor did she let her battle with breast cancer kill her creativity.

Her title as winner was announced Aug. 23 during the last show of the sixth season.

Ezelle said she used to make fun of people that cried on design shows, but when her parents walked onto the set in LA she blubbered like a baby.

As winner she’ll make another TV appearance that has yet to be announced. Ezelle will also receive $25,000 that already went into the reconstruction of her Preston Hollow home where the former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader lives with her wife, Libby Toudouze, and four children. Another part of the money went toward lingering breast cancer bills.

“I had never stopped wanting to get a design show launched and off the ground,” Ezelle said about her determination to win the sixth season.

She also added that she gave a speech to her children about never giving up and she had to live by her words.

Ezelle lightheartedly spoke of all the reconstruction happening in her life. Some on her breast – from a two year cancer battle – and the rest on her home. Even on vacation she couldn’t escape as it turns out the hotel her family stayed at was undergoing major reconstruction too!

Ezelle said she is still in search of getting her own show, though she wouldn’t move her family and would travel to and from shoots if need be.

We also featured her in a Oct. 2011 Q&A where she talked about the 14-by-13-foot sculpture “Anne-E Girl” she designed and commissioned renowned artist George Toboloskwy to sculpt,  and her dedication to the Susan G. Komen movement.

The metal bra sculpture is on exhibit now at a gallery in San Antonio.


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