East Hampton Sandwich CompanyThe SMU-area restaurant is a convenient couple-of-minutes outside the neighborhood …

My family loves food. So when we hear of a place getting the kind of buzz that East Hampton Sandwich Company has been getting, we have to get over there and get some.

For some background and disclosure: I am married to a restaurateur. He soon will open a new place in Frisco Square called Three Squares. He hired culinary expert Roger Kaplan to do the menu. Kaplan also happens to have created the East Hampton menu, which was the primary impetus for this Sunday’s sampling. I’ve been bed-bindingly sick the past few days, so we picked up sandwiches from the Snider Plaza location to eat at home.

The SMU-area restaurant is a convenient couple-of-minutes outside the neighborhood.  The interior is aesthetic, spacious, comfortable. I am sure it would have been a nice spot in which to dine. But I was in no shape for a day out in the Park Cities. So we got the three sandwiches — Hot Cheese and Short Rib, Asparagus and Gruyere and Goat Cheese and Avo — home and had an extremely enjoyable lunch.

As a non meat-eater, I could only observe the short rib experience but the sliced short rib, white American cheese, caramelized onion and arugula with horseradish cream sauce went down quickly with barely-audible murmurs of “incredible” and “this bread is fantastic”.

My daughter and I both ordered vegetarian sandwiches. The one with grilled asparagus, glazed onions, thyme and gruyere cheese was the unequivocal fave. The bread was crisped on the edges, enough to absorb the tangy balsamic glaze. The asparagus gave each bite a satisfying crispness and the combinations of flavors was, dare I say, exciting. I mean, the two things that make a really good sandwich, in my opinion, are good, fresh bread and creativity. This had both.

The avocado and goat cheese sandwich was not bad at all. But it was a lot of creamy, rich softness for a sandwich. It was kind of like taking what would be a very good dip and putting it inside an excellent sesame seed bun. That said, what the kid and I did not finish, the husband ate easily, noting that perhaps the short rib sandwich wasn’t big enough.

For enders, we had the bag of donuts. They were donut holes, but bigger. Softer. Fluffier. And doused in cinnamon-y sugar. OK. I’ll be honest. I ate mine before the sandwich.

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