Photo of Laura Wilson by Can Türkyilmaz

Photo of Laura Wilson by Can Türkyilmaz

This photo of award-winning photographer Laura Wilson was featured in our July 2012 edition of Preston Hollow Advocate. Wilson, mother to Andrew, Luke and Owen Wilson resides in a beautiful home in the neighborhood where she raised her sons.

In this excerpt Wilson talks about her two loves, photography and her children.

“They were so much fun to photograph,” Wilson says with a smile, staring off to the side as if recreating the moments in her mind. “In a sense, it was a way capture their childhood, a childhood so fleeting.”

Before our photo editor Can Türkyilmaz received the assignment to photograph Wilson, he says he didn’t know the depth of her work.

“She has incredible work. Her involvement with her projects are so deep. She does lifetime projects,” he says of the 14 on and off years Wilson spent with the Hutterites of of Montana.

Wilson’s “simple, clean and honest photography” not only spans many genres but is also “emotionally charged,” Türkyilmaz says.

Though our photo editor is immensely talented, he admits it was tough for him to photograph such a “big shot photographer.”

“I felt like this tiny, tiny, ant trying to carry this huge piece of bread to this nest. I went with my intuition to keep it simple, clean and honest like she does,” he says.

What resulted is one of Türkyilmaz’s favorite photos of 2012, a shot of Wilson being interviewed by a former editor in front of boxes filled with all the negatives of her lifetime.

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