The Solecan will come in a variety of colors

The Solecan will come in a variety of colors

Husband and wife Jeff and Liz Helfrich used to bicker over recycling, but now the Preston Hollow couple are trying to change the way we see trash.

For years Liz tried her best to recycle everything in the Helfrich household, even going so far as fishing through bathroom trashcans to retrieve toilet paper rolls her husband threw out. Jeff says out of laziness he didn’t try to salvage every recyclable, so the couple went searching for a dual trash can/recycling bin to cure him, but they couldn’t find one for less than $80.

The Helfriches took to the drawing board (really it was a cocktail napkin) and got to work designing a trash can and recycling bin duo. Later that day as their youngest daughter played with a snap fit toy of hers (think capping and uncapping a marker) their Harvard-educated minds sprouted an idea.

Why not create a snap fit trash can/recycling bin? Well they did, but they have to convince a manufacturer that this is something consumers would want to throw stuff in.

The pair has their own Kickstarter and they are looking for help to raise $75,000 by Earth Day (April 23) to turn their trash talk into some green for them and the environment.

“It has definitely been a great learning experience no matter what happens, ” Jeff says.

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