There have been several occasions in which District 13 city council candidate Leland Burk has issued “misstatements,” reports the Dallas Morning News.

One of the issues involves Burk insinuating the Dallas Police Association endorsed his opponent Jennifer Staubach Gates and not him because he didn’t support their right to strike. Burk apologized form making a “unfortunate mistake,” yet Ron Pinkston, president of the police association, isn’t buying it.

The DMN also brought up a recent candidate forum hosted by the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce where the two opponents argued back and forth concerning whether or not current councilwoman and Burk supporter Ann Margolin ever received the Dallas Police Association, the fire association or the Real Estate Council’s endorsements. At first he said “no,” then Staubach Gates said Margolin did the first time she ran, then Burk said no it was the second, while she was an incumbent.

Apparently there are also some inaccuracies in his responses to a DMN candidate questionnaire. For more on this topic, click here.



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