Advocate photo editor Danny Fulgencio reports from last week’s George W. Bush Presidential Center opening:

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With road closures and airtight security, last Thursday’s christening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at SMU affected commuters from Oak Cliff to Richardson and beyond. Then again, it isn’t every day that five U.S. Presidents pop into Dallas to commemorate a man and a structure sharing his name.
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Naturally, hosting five POTUSi stirred contempt in the hearts of some.
While most of the nation’s cameras were trained on the star-studded gala at SMU, we took a gander about 100 yards opposite Central where some 200 protesters objected to War on Terror-related consequence.
Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.42.37 AM
Masked protesters silently confronted well-dressed attendees en route to the ceremony while surveilled by cops, rooftop sharpshooters and (conspicuous) undercover agents.
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A rally followed with speakers including Phil Donahue–yes, the Phil Donahue. Afterward, a monochromatic dirge shuffled toward the Mockingbird bridge, which protesters had been told they could cross.
But that didn’t happen.
Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 9.44.20 AM
The “Death March” was met by a police blockade. Frustration and conjecture shot through the crowd. A megaphone. Chanting. Drums. A scuffle ignited between protesters and police. To the clatter of camera shutters, two men dressed in bobble-headed effigy as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, were subdued and cuffed. It was too poetic a protester’s refrain.
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PC-users can check out the full slide show here:

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