Here’s a quick look at what the city council will discuss Wednesday regarding the Preston Hollow area.

Hockaday wants to build a new performance center near Forest and Welch. To make way for that, the city council will approve the abandonment of the water easement on the 2,385 square feet of land.

Think it takes forever for a red light to turn green? Well, the city will adopt some advanced vehicle detection equipment for traffic lights through a contract with Twincrest Technologies. Unlike older versions, these sensors don’t go inside the pavement, so that eliminates construction headaches. The radar technology is mounted on the traffic signals, making it more accurate and less affected by light and weather. The hope is that traffic will start running a little smoother – for $4,245,400 of current funds.

To help cut down on future maintenance costs, the city will install new water and wastewater mains all across the city. Most were built between 1926 and 1977. The new pipes will have improved capacity and require less drilling. It will cost $9,261,831 from capital improvement funds. Expect to see some work start in August on some of our neighborhood streets: Aberdeen from Hillcrest to Edgemere / Airline from Joyce Way to Stefani / Allencrest from Welch to Nashwood / Del Roy from Jamestown to Preston.

An earlier version of this post said that the city council meeting was on June 19.

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