Natural strawberry-lime sno cone at Sno. Chile (pictured at back) and salt are available for sprinkling on top.

Natural strawberry-lime sno cone at Sno. Chile (pictured at back) and salt are available for sprinkling on top.

One bite into a 100 percent natural coconut-pineapple sno cone and I had to ask myself, “Where has this place been all my life?”

Sno has been around for a few years, but it has been somewhat hidden away at Doc’s Food at the northwest corner of Meadow and Central. Senior editor Emily Toman wrote about the amazing sno cones, many of which come in all natural flavors, when it was still part of the convenience store. (Sadly, I somehow missed her write-up.)

Last summer Sno moved into its own spot next door to Doc’s. My husband noticed it in a recent City of Ate post, and we were there the same day.

I’m a sucker for sno cones. I grew up in Oklahoma where there is a sno cone stand in every parking lot, so the scarcity of quality sno in Dallas baffles me a bit, especially considering our unbearable summer heat. Sno, therefore, is a godsend to me.

Natural coconut-pineapple sno cone at Sno.

Natural coconut-pineapple sno cone at Sno.

The menu (find it below) has original flavors, creme flavors, sugar free flavors, 100 percent natural flavors and “sabores naturales” (which as far as I can tell from my limited Spanish, are the natural flavors in Spanish). I have never tasted a 100 percent natural sno cone, so opted for the coconut pineapple. It was heavenly, and much sweeter than an artificial sugared-up version could possibly be.

My husband ordered a natural strawberry-lime sno cone. The guy checking us out suggested it should have more lime than strawberry, but my husband, who has a sweet tooth, opted for half and half. We should have listened. The strawberry is incredibly sweet — almost jelly-like. It was good as-is, but more lime would have evened it out.

Another suggestion was the natural mango-tamarind sno cone. That will be my next order.

What exactly is a “natural” flavor? Well, we had to wait a little while for my sno cone because they needed to juice more pineapple. The Sno Facebook page describes them as “additive-free, preservative-free, made from nothing but the freshest fruits.”

Sno’s hours are noon to 9 or 10 p.m. daily.

Sno menu

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