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Society Bakery

Key lime cupcakes at Society Bakery: Mark Davis

Roshi Muns didn’t set out trying to open a nationally acclaimed bakery. Growing up in Austin, Muns admired funky neighborhood spots such as the Sweetish Hill Bakery. In her free time she used her grandma’s recipes and created some of her own to make baked goods for family, friends and co-workers. Years later, when Muns was working a corporate job, her boss asked her what she’d like to be doing in five years. Muns replied that she wanted to bake sweets, and soon afterward Muns opened Society Bakery on Lower Greenville. Before long, a production member for the Ellen DeGeneres show came in and loved the cupcakes so much that Ellen put the bakery on one of her top 10 lists. As business grew, Muns was looking to add a second location, and that’s when she was approached by Medical City to open in the hospital. “A lot of the growth has happened organically,” Muns says. Her work ethic and passion for her cakes prove that heart, not formal culinary training, lies behind her success. Some of her employees went to culinary school, some didn’t, but Muns says she hires people who love baking as much as she does. The proof is in the product: The cupcakes are one-of-a-kind. July’s flavors are key lime pie, s’mores, and banana pudding. Each one of these cupcakes has a yummy Twinkie-like, uniquely flavored filling, and a frosting that isn’t overly sweet. Special touches — such as graham cracker crumbles and whipped cream, and the cutest little vanilla wafer you’ve ever seen — top the cupcakes. Even the mini marshmallows on the s’mores cupcake are “roasted” with a butane lighter, because “it tastes better than just browning them with a broiler,” says Muns. Society’s doors kept swinging open the rainy afternoon we were there, and customers didn’t just ask for cupcakes. Petit four, brownies, bread-pudding whoopie pies and cookies bigger than your face were flying out the door.

Society Bakery, Lower Greenville
3426 B Greenville

Society Bakery, Forest Lane
7777 Forest Lane (Inside Medical City Hospital Atrium A)

AMBIANCE: Neighborhood bakery

PRICE RANGE:  Cupcakes and specialty treats $2-$4, cakes $30-$100

HOURS:  Monday – Friday 8 A.M.-6 P.M.  Saturday, 8 A.M.-5 P.M.,  Closed Sunday

DID YOU KNOW?  The Medical City location has the same selection as the Greenville location and more, including kolaches, doughnuts and ice cream.


Sweet Shops

S’more cupcakes at Society Bakery: Mark Davis

Three more sweet spots

1. The Hospitality Sweet
Why visit? a) They are located in a historic post office b) macaroons c) coffee, cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies. You’re welcome.  400 N. Ervay, Suite 175, 214.999.6704

2. Yummy Donuts
No need to fire up the grill and roast marshmallows. Yummy Donuts’ s’mores doughnut with marshmallow filling does the job quite well.  4355 Lovers, 214.520.7680

3. Meringue Bakery
Meringue Bakery specializes in custom cakes — from a Jack Daniel’s bottle to a baby bottle, they’ve got it all. They also craft custom cupcakes in a plethora of flavors, but the strawberry just might be the best.  13605 Midway, Suite 160, 972.233.5555