The Original Pancake House: Facebook

The Original Pancake House: Facebook

Starting today, the The Original Pancake House, located on Northwest Highway and Midway, will have a new, doctor-approved Kids Fit menu.

The restaurant, in an effort to help combat childhood obesity, teamed up with local Medical City Children’s Hospital to create a fun and interactive menu that makes healthy meal choices more appealing.

Kids will select a fruit, grain, vegetable, protein, dairy product and nut by checking the appropriate box under each category for $3.99. The game-like menu allows kids to choose a nutritious item from each of the food groups.

The menu also has pictures and calorie counts of meals (without all of the choices), so kids can see what a healthy meal looks like. Three of these menu items were created by Texas ProStart culinary high school students in Medical City’s Kids Teaching Kids program. 

The Original Pancake House owner Mark Davis Bailey says,“we want to make sure kids understand the benefits and ease of healthy eating so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle in the future.”