As the end of December — and 2013 — approaches, magazines, television shows and websites are bombarding us with year-end “best of” lists. As much as I love rehashing greatness, the lists do tend to get a little tiresome after awhile. Do we really need a list of the best movie romances of 2013?

My favorite “best of” list I’ve seen so far highlights our very own neighborhood, and has an element of fantasy to it. I mean, doesn’t everybody stare at architecturally gorgeous homes decked out by interior designers and envision themselves living there every once in awhile? Is that a thing — like looking at “real estate porn?” A quick glance at local real estate blogger’s Candy Evans’ website confirms indeed, it is.

Is it really such a sin to think it’s cool to live in the same neighborhood as this saucer-shaped modern marvel? (And secretly wish to get invited to a party there?)

Preston Hollow takes #9 in MSN's Craziest Place to Live in 2013 list:

This Preston Hollow home made MSN’s Craziest Place to Live in 2013 list:

MSN Real Estate editors don’t think so, in fact, they have dubbed it one of the craziest places to live in 2013. The $9.995 million home, designed by Lionel Morrison of Morrison Dilworth + Walls, is described as being “meticulously planned from the bottom up to create an organic environment in a groovy modern shell.” It sits on two acres near Northaven and Hillcrest and was originally built for country singer Darren Kozelsky.

Whether you describe the house as a “groovy modern shell” or overly opulent, it is pretty cool to have our little Texas neighborhood make a list which features homes ranging from the Mermaid’s Chair Mansion in St. Thomas to a Atlas missile silo converted to a residence in New York.

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