OK, our January cover story , “Retrospect,” doesn’t actually include all of our “favorite photos of 2013,” — it’s more of a “best of” compilation of photos that hit the cutting room floor with stories behind them that were worth a second glance — but while we’re getting all sentimental and reflective about 2013, I’m going to highlight a couple of them yet again (with accompanying stories) below:

An arresting act

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Wearing prison stripes and giant papier-mâché bobble heads, two men portraying George W. Bush and Dick Cheney deliberately got themselves arrested at the opening of the Bush Presidential Library in April 2013. Police arrested Dennis Trainor (Cheney) of Massachusetts and Gary Egelston (Bush) of Fort Worth and charged them with misdemeanors. Egelston served in the Air Force and is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Trainor is an activist and filmmaker who makes short documentaries for Acronym TV. Interestingly, the arresting officer pictured here, Officer S. Egglston, shares almost the same name as his George W. Bush-playing perpetrator.

—Larra Keel

March 2013
Prestonwood Baptist Church egg drop

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Like manna from heaven

On an overcast Saturday morning before Easter, some 10,000 sugar-infused plastic eggs rained down on Lake Highlands North Park. Thousands of children had gathered — looking like small, well-dressed ruffians ready to rumble, if necessary — to collect. Even more surreal than the colorful plunging ovoids was the sight of the vehicle from which they fell — a helicopter co-piloted by the Easter Bunny. Prestonwood Baptist Church in Preston Hollow was responsible for the helicopter egg drop, which was free for all children ages 2 to third grade. Pastor Chris Kouba called on Brian Dunaway and his Fort Worth-based company Epic Helicopters. Dunaway was happy to help. He, EB and pilot Jason Miles offered services pro bono. Prestonwood provided the eggs and candy. After several drops, one executed for each age group, the helicopter landed across the street from Lake Highlands High School and EB posed for at least 100 photos with attending families. Over the years Dunaway has donated helicopter rides to young natural-disaster survivors and children living with incurable illness, to name a couple of charitable examples. For profit, he has been known to provide traffic-free trips from Meacham Airport to Texas Motor Speedway for NASCAR fans who can afford the $350 fare.

—Christina Hughes Babb

Last week, photographer Vernon Bryant for the Dallas Morning News posted some of his favorites from 2013 too, including a couple Preston Hollow neighbors: President George W. Bush at the dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center, and a shot of football player/cheerleader/Episcopal School of Dallas student Armand Fernandez-Pierre performing at a pep rally.

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