Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Yes, it’s barely mid-February but we’re already hard at work on our March issue. It’s all about neighborhood residents whose lives or professions mirror what we see in popular movies and TV shows.

What we’ve found is that, often times, the truth is better than fiction. Case in point: Dr. Mini DeLashaw. The Disney Streets neighbor, and married mother of three, works the overnight shift in the emergency room at Medical City Hospital. She tells us what it’s really like to work in the ER — from the gravity of losing a patient to the triumphs of watching a person near death walk out of the hospital. She also opens up about the no. 1 thing that no one teaches you in med school and what’s rarely depicted on screen.

The March issue comes out in a little over a week, featuring more stories about the stars of our neighborhood narratives, including one very recognizable face.

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