Erbert & Gerbert's Quatro signature sandwich:

photo via Erbert & Gerbert’s/Facebook

According to a recent CNN article, Dallas is one of the “Top 10 Cities Americans are Moving to.” Plenty of businesses from out-of-state seem to be heading our way, too. (Trader Joe’s and In-N-Out Burger being particularly welcome Texas transplants, according to Advocate commenters.)

Now, Wisconsin-based Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop is setting its sights on Dallas with plans to open eight locations within the next few years.

The deli makes sandwiches to order on fresh baked French, honey wheat or gluten-free bread. The menu boasts a variety of soups, traditional subs, and non-traditional subs, such as the Quatro, (pictured above) consisting of chicken breast, cucumber, cheese, lettuce, mayo, mustard, cherrywood smoked bacon, and cranberry wasabi. Vegetarian menu items are available as well.

No word yet on what locations Erbert & Gerbert’s are eyeballing, though. A publicist says that the restaurant plans to open in Dallas proper first before expanding to the suburbs.

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