photoAfter a slew of meetings with concerned neighbors, the developers who have proposed building an eight-story luxury high-rise apartment building at the northeast corner of Preston and Northwest Highway have scaled back the height and density of the project.

Mark Culwell with Transwestern says they plan to do just six stories, which could lower the number of units to around 220 or 225, down from the original proposal of 296 units. The project still would comply with the 3-to-1 residential proximity slope, so that it’s three stories on the north side that backs up to the neighborhood.

“Hopefully that will reduce some of the concerns,” Culwell says. Transwestern plans to file a re-zoning application to establish a planned development district that would allow more than three stories, plus other features like an underground parking garage. Culwell points out that this density decrease gets them closer to what’s allowed under the existing zoning, around 130 units.

But is that enough to relieve the concern among neighbors? Not really, says Ashley Parks, president of the Preston Hollow East HOA, which lies north of the property in question.

“We’re like, ‘Great, what else can you do?’ They weren’t giving enough specifics,” Parks says. “Traffic is the big concern.”

Currently, the lot is home to 24 apartment units and 12 condos. Parks says even though Transwestern has lowered density of its project, it’s still a dramatic increase compared to what’s there now — at an already car-clogged intersection. Culwell says the traffic study required by the city is still in the works.

The online petition against the potential re-zoning has reached more than 1,000 signatures, and neighbors are planning a rally at 2:22 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 22 at Preston Hollow Park.

“We’re not saying ‘no’ to development,” Parks says. “It’s about what should be developed in keeping with the neighborhood.”

Site rendering: Transwestern

Site rendering: Transwestern

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