City Council on Wednesday voted to change a city ordinance that required all bicycle riders to wear helmets while riding on city streets.

The new law will state that anyone younger than 18 are required to wear a helmet, but there is no longer a helmet requirement for adults.

Councilman Phillip Kingston of East Dallas voted against the change because he wanted the helmet requirement lifted outright, for adults and children.

Vonciel Jones Hill of South Oak Cliff voted against the change because she wanted to keep the ordinance as it was.

The change could make it more feasible for Dallas to get a bike-share program, although there might still be some snags for people traveling to Dallas with children being unable to use bike share because of the helmet ordinance. City Council is expected to consider starting such a program at Fair Park.

After the vote to change the ordinance, Mayor Mike Rawlings said, “Kids, wear helmets. Adults, wear helmets. If there’s any question, we believe in helmet wearing.”

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