Photo by Danny Fulgencio +1 940 597 4177

Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The July Advocate contains an article about Preston Hollow resident Linda DeSanders’ Dolfin Swim School, where babies paddle to and fro the depths of pools.

Last year, the below video went sort of viral. It features a 16-month old swimming laps. As told in the aforementioned article, this video caused outrage among some You Tube commenters (but, then, what doesn’t?). Those who thought the video was awful were, for the most part, misinformed, or utterly un-informed, as the school’s owner explains: “Because babies are born in amniotic fluid, they kick and hold their breath naturally, but around 6 to 8 months of age, they lose those aquatic instincts. As a teacher, DeSanders takes that instinct and turns it into a trained behavior.” …more.

What’s also amazing is some of the underwater photos snapped at Dolfin by our photographer Danny Fulgencio:


Photo by Danny 940 597 4177

Photo by Danny Fulgencio +1 940 597 4177

Photo by Danny Fulgencio +1 940 597 4177   Photo by Danny Fulgencio +1 940 597 4177

Cuteness notwithstanding, the need for swimming lessons for children is dire and illustrated in a anecdote at the beginning of our July story. DeSanders told our reporter that she started the school after her cousin’s baby drowned in a bath tub. The event, she says, rocked her whole family and motivated her to do her part to prevent it from happening to others.

“According to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in May 2012, drowning results in more deaths among 1- to 4-year-olds than any other cause except birth defects. DeSanders directs the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance and teaches lifelong aquatic skills, beginning with some of the most vulnerable swimmers: babies.” …more.

Side note: Jeff Bekavac, the chef from Neighborhood Services who also was featured in the same issue, says his baby Bowen is taking lessons at Dolphin this summer.

If you want to check out the school, this page provides all the pertinent information.

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