Update 7/18: This spraying was cancelled due to inclement weather. Click here to view the updated ground spraying schedule.

Update, per the City of Dallas: Mosquito spraying did not occur on Monday, July 14 due to weather conditions. Mosquito control spraying will not occur during rain or if the wind speed is 10 mph or greater. If these conditions exist, spraying will be delayed until the next available night. Weather permitting; the area delineated above is scheduled for mosquito control spraying between
9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Tuesday July 15 and Wednesday July 16.

Original post: Between the recent summer rains and humidity, conditions have been ideal for mosquito breeding, increasing the odds of the spread of West Nile virus. Luckily, the city of Dallas is pretty quick to respond when mosquito pools test positive for the virus — and they will do just that tonight.

Today it was discovered that a mosquito pool near the 6600 block of Brookshire has tested positive for West Nile virus. As a precaution, mosquito trucks will be spraying from the streets between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Monday, July 14 and Tuesday, July 15.

The area to be sprayed, shown above, is bounded by Azalea on the north, Tulane on the west, Airline on the east and Walnut Hill on the south.

Residents (and pets) are advised to stay indoors with windows closed and avoid following the trucks during the spraying.

The city also has a few handy tips for protection against mosquito bites:

  • reduce outdoor activity during evening and nighttime hours
  • cover your arms and legs and use a mosquito repellant when spending time outside
  • eliminate standing water to prevent mosquito breeding
  • be sure to keep pools clean and drain any standing water that may breed mosquitos: stagnant ponds, pet watering dishes, birdbaths, potted plants, old tires, empty containers, toys, clogged rain gutters, and French drains

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