Ken Helfman, right, and son Kory of Ken's Man's Shop

Ken Helfman, right, and son Kory of Ken’s Man’s Shop

Ken’s Man’s Shop is celebrating its 50th anniversary 6-9 tonight and just finished up an online charity auction for Scottish Rite Hospital this week.

For a bit of history on the shop, revisit our October 2010 issue, in which the Advocate interviewed the father-son duo, Ken and Kory Helfman, who run the shop at Preston and Royal.

The Helfmans told us about how they got into the business and became “the ‘Cheers’ of menswear” as Ken puts it, how Tom Landry became a loyal customer, the worst fads in men’s fashion, stories behind the curious objects seen around the shop, and the nonprofit causes that Ken’s supports.

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