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There is something comforting about bringing your own booze to a restaurant. It gives meals a personal touch. Perhaps more importantly, it guarantees you won’t overpay for a bottle of wine. That’s why we found five neighborhood eateries that encourage the practice.

Pho Envy offers bánh mì, spring rolls and dumplings, among other things. Not sure what to pair with Vietnamese? According to The Age, Riesling complements spicy food.

For that reason, the white wine should also work at Tippy’s Thai Cafe, where you can choose from a variety of curry dishes.

Mimi’s Pizzeria on Northwest Highway is a low-key place to share a six pack with friends.

At Eden Cafe, drink a glass (or two) of sparkling wine and indulge in one of the restaurant’s many pastries.

Suze may be known for its extensive wine menu, but you’re welcome to bring a bottle of your own. The restaurant’s $25 corking fee is waived on Tuesdays and before 6:30 p.m. on Fridays.