photo by David C. Nix, via

photo by David C. Nix, via

Dinah Capshaw

Dinah Capshaw, photo by Dylan Hollingsworth, via Facebook

For Dinah Capshaw, Halloween is about more than ghouls and goblins. She launched her interior design business on the holiday three years ago.

“I love Halloween,” she says. “I thought adding a new, personal meaning to it could really be something.”

Capshaw operates from her Preston Hollow home. It is decorated like the set of a classic James Bond movie, with high-end retro furniture, eclectic decor and a well stocked cocktail bar. Though her personal taste is “’70s classic vintage/eclectic,” she enjoys helping clients perfect their own aesthetics.

“Being a perceptive listener is a key factor,” Capshaw says. “You’re not simply catering to one type of style or person.”

Her listening abilities have garnered her some major projects around town, including renovation and interior design work at Javier’s Gourmet Mexicano. She was approached about revamping the restaurant after helping the owner, Javier Gutierrez, with some personal projects.

“I transitioned him from a traditional Preston Hollow estate to a modern high rise condo,” she says. “He was one of my first major clients. He believed in me. That is one of the most generous gifts you can bestow upon someone. He is one amazing human being and I am forever grateful to him.”

Capshaw’s business started off strong and has since continued to grow. She has remodeled several homes in our neighborhood and is currently in charge of the interior architecture and design for many new residential buildings and a 6,000 square foot dance academy. Her job is demanding but enjoyable.

“I’m a believer in perfection,” she says. “You definitely have to have a vision. By taking action to complete each piece of the puzzle, you can really get somewhere amazing.”

It’s no surprise Capshaw chose an artistic career. She was raised by musicians and has always associated with creative types. (Last year, she appeared as an extra in her friend Sarah Jaffe’s music video.) Thankfully, she lives in a city that fosters creativity. For inspiration, she need only drive around our neighborhood.

“Many of the homes in the area have so much character and original architectural detail,” Capshaw says. “People take their curb appeal serious, which to me is a huge plus.”

Photos of Capshaw’s designs by David C. Nix, via

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