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Hosting a party this weekend? So is everyone else in our neighborhood. You could stand in line at the grocery store, but that has a tendency to ruin fun before it even starts. Why not try one of these four services that deliver booze straight to your door?

1. Monticello Liquor – Perhaps you’ve been to Monticello Liquor on North Central Expressway. Anything you’ve seen in the store, including cigars, kegs and sake, can be delivered to your home. You must order at least $40 of merchandise. Delivery fees vary, but most Preston Hollow residents can expect to pay around $15.

2. LASH – LASH serves 17 Dallas zip codes, but only a couple of them (75225 and 75209) are in our general neighborhood. You can help change that. Download the app and enter your address. LASH will take note. If demand is high enough, the company may start delivering to your part of town soon.

3. Minibar – Minibar offers an array of cider, beer and wine, but Preston Hollow residents will have to find hard liquor elsewhere. However, the app can help you out with mixers and garnishes. Pineapple juice, ginger ale and maraschino cherries are all available for purchase.

4. Drizly – Drizly is brand new to our neighborhood. Because of this, the app is offering free delivery to Dallas homes until June 25. Use the promotional code HELLODALLAS.