The Lamplighter School, via Facebook.

The Lamplighter School, via Facebook.

How’s this for coincidence: the two most recent zoning change proposals we’ve come across were submitted by businesses that cater to children.

Yesterday, we reported that Highland Park Hurricanes Basketball hopes to repurpose a former church in our neighborhood. Today, we focus on The Lamplighter School, which has its sights set on expansion.

The request for amendments to the school’s original site plan was made July 1. If it’s approved, a few buildings will be added to Lamplighter’s campus – an innovation lab, a student services center, a drama room and more. Here’s a map that indicates where the new structures would go.lamplighter1-page0001

The school also wants to revise its traffic management plan. We’ll let you know more about that as soon as the information is available.

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